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Why SR3 Engineering?

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We Are Guided By

Six Axioms

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Be sincere
We pride ourselves on being open and honest about our capabilities and    commitments in order to build strong, trusting, and reliable relationships with  our clients.
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Be invested
We are active members of many professional organizations in the industries  which we work. We invest in our people and in our industry.​ Your success is our success.
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Be inquisitive
We are innately compelled to dig deep into problems and understand them at their core. 

Figure 2

Star chart for guidance, circa 1892.

What guides you?

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Be bold
If the box doesn't fit, we think outside of it. We relish taking on challenging  projects and developing new skills.
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Be progressive
We are innovative and embrace the use of state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies.
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Be present
We learn from the past; we aspire toward the future; we’re our best in the now.
Sound Interesting?

Belief In Fundamentals Is

Fundamental To Our Beliefs

A fundamental understanding of the mechanics of the problem should be a prerequisite to identifying and evaluating solutions, and we strive toward this in everything we do.
Our name and brand pay tribute to the fundamentals of electric power - SR3 stands for the square root of three, a fundamental constant in three-phase power systems.
We apply this in everything we do, including understanding the fundamentals of your needs. See how we've used this to answer some of our client's questions.
wye connected source_edited.png

Figure 3

Wye-connected three phase source.

The ratio of line to phase voltage is

the square root of three.

We Are Expert Specialists

From its inception, SR3 has committed itself to an unparalleled level of technical ingenuity and proficiency. 
SR3 Engineering was the first US company to receive CDEGS Level III certification, doubling the number of “expert” level users in the world.
We are dedicated to depth of understanding and technical acuity across a breadth of power systems knowledge.

Figure 4

Tesla's AC generation motor,

circa 1891.


We Don't Just

"Check The Box"

To “check the box” means to complete a task to the barest minimum standard, and subsequently cease working. The complex needs of SR3 Engineering’s clients - safety, equipment integrity, economics, schedule, technical challenges - can’t be reduced to simple checkboxes. SR3 Engineering takes a holistic approach to understanding the how and why behind our work, from our client’s perspective and a technical perspective.

Figure 5

Wenner method soil resistivity

data collection.

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