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Services And Capabilities

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Our flagship capability is performing grounding, ac interference, and other studies in CDEGS™. We have extensive experience and the highest certification with the software, and we are continuously honing our skills in utility, telecom, oil and gas, water, and other industries.


Our clients need to balance risk with costly over-design, and demonstrate due diligence and regard for safety and equipment integrity. We understand the challenge and complexity of delivering on these requirements. 


We are actively involved in industry standards development, proudly advancing the state-of-the-art and remaining on the cutting edge of the industry. 


​Our experience includes:
  • Pipeline and railroad interference (power line AC interference)
  • Substation (ground grid design, reactor/magnetic field effects, lightning protection)
  • Transmission and distribution engineering (lightning protection, parallel circuit interactions, structure grounding)
  • Communications (facility grounding, lightning protection, transient analysis)
  • Custom studies and calculations

CDEGS Analysis

Figure 6

Three phase power generation.

(3 phase, 3 neutral)

Substation Engineering

SR3 Engineering has deep roots in substation engineering and design. We have experience in many facets of the discipline, including physical design, protection & control, greenfields and retrofits, from 12.47 kV to 345 kV.
We also provide owner’s engineer and design review services, equipment specifications, shop drawing review, standards compliance analysis, and project management services.

Figure 7

Nikola Tesla transformer patent,

circa 1888.

Relay Settings, Automation,

and Communication

We offer protective relaying services for nearly every aspect of the power system, including transmission, distribution, and substations; traditional and distributed generation; and industrial facilities. 
We also have experience in substation automation and communications with several equipment vendors, standards, and protocols

Figure 8

Electromechanical relay

time overcurrent component.

Screen Shot 2019-12-14 at 5.52.51 AM.png

System Studies

We’ve never met a study we didn’t like. We have experience with many topics and software packages for the transmission, distribution, and industrial sectors: 
  • Arc Flash (ETAP, ArcPro)
  • Short Circuit Analysis (ASPEN, CAPE, ETAP)
  • Load Flow (Milsoft Windmill, ASPEN DistriView, ETAP)
  • Lightning performance (SESShield 3D, IEEE Flash)
  • NERC and similar compliance studies
  • Transmission planning, interconnection, and feasibility studies (coming soon)

Figure 9

Ampere's circuital law,

on physical lines of force,

James Clark Maxwell.

Et Cetera

The list above covers our core competencies, but it is far from exhaustive. We invite you to contact us if there is something not listed and chances are we can help. If not, we ‘ll gladly refer you to our network of partners.
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