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You’ve got questions?

We’ve got answers.

What are our requirements

under NERC?

We can help with every aspect of compliance: assessing applicability, studies and calculations, engineering design, equipment specification, and construction and commissioning support.

Figure 10

Early IEEE standard published in 1872

regarding the wheatstone bridge method for

measuring small resistances.

Why is snow melting at the base of my substation structures?

Air core reactors can induce nuisance currents in ground grids and structures due to their strong magnetic fields. Our modeling software allows us to identify problems, test solutions, and develop a mitigation plan so that construction outages are minimized.

Figure 12

Faraday's magnetic induction experiment, circa 1831.


How do I balance economics and safety in grounding design?

​When grounding designs challenge budgets, schedules, and construction feasibility, it can call the design basis into question. Our engineers have the experience and technical acuity to strike the proper balance.

Figure 11

Mechanical ground grid connectors.

Are your grounding practices

mechanically sound?

How do we handle an AC interference concern?

As transmission corridors become increasingly congested, the problem of interference on co-located pipelines and railroads continues to worsen. We are constantly working toward common and equitable solutions for our clients, regardless of industry.

Figure 13

Iron filings aligning along

magnetic field lines.

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