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What are our requirements under NERC?

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Depending on the type of entity an electric utility is considered to be, there are numerous NERC standards that electric utilities must comply with, and assessing and implementing compliance can be burdensome. Additionally, some larger utilities may have individuals or departments that specialize in compliance; smaller utilities rarely have that luxury. In both cases, the engineering resources to perform the studies may be lacking due to workload or subject matter expertise.

Our client, a small municipal utility, was re-classified under NERC guidelines, and suddenly faced a potential compliance issue. Due to lack of internal resources, they contacted SR3 for assistance.


SR3 reviewed the NERC guidelines and developed a plan of action. This included developing an assessment of their system in the context of the specific PRC standard in question, writing a recommendation and implementation report, and developing an engineering and construction estimate for final implementation. SR3 ultimately performed the engineering design and on-site construction and commissioning support.


The assessment considered pre- and post-classification implications and required coordination with neighboring utilities to obtain updated system information.


The resulting report provided the documentation required by NERC for the assessment and plan of action for implementation. SR3 ultimately has since performed the engineering design and on-site construction and commissioning support necessary for full compliance with the standard.
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